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Engineering Services North East

Ashgarth Engineering are a County Durham based precision engineering specialist offering a subcontract engineering service to its customers specialising in the supply of precision machined components across a wide range of sectors. We offer various Engineering Services North East. Our range of machines can produce low volume, complex components as well as high volume production runs utilising automation and lights out operation where possible. Our more than 30 years of experience in the field means that we can offer our clients a quality product and service with full documentation in a short lead time. In this blog we will be taking a short dive into Ashgarth’s history to see where we started compared to where we are now.

In 2017, Ashgarth Engineering was established by Niall Ash and Paul Westgarth. Both Niall and Paul have worked in Subcontract Engineering for 20 years so have a wealth of experience and expertise to guide Ashgarth into future endeavours. The company started with a single CNC machine and two employees. In the last four years the business has seen significant growth from zero to a turnover of more than £850,000 in the fourth year.

Throughout the four-year time period, we have grown exponentially. We have purchased six brand new CNC machines and employ nine fantastic, full-time members of staff including a great apprentice. We have big plans to continue and exceed this growth in the coming years with more machines leading to more opportunities. We also expect to provide skilled jobs to support this growth.

At Ashgarth Engineering, we take pride in bringing innovative new products to your business. Our team are always producing innovative and exciting new ideas which will help us excel and overshadow competitors.

Due to a spike in demand for our services during the last few years, Ashgarth Engineering were able to observe an almighty forty percent spike in turnover. Our team always work at a consistently high level which allowed us to experience this great reward.

Over the years we have worked on a number of small and large-scale projects which incorporate various facets of our business including professional and bespoke components, precise machinery, high level quality checks and reliable solutions.

You can find some of our most notable project on our website here.

As previously mentioned, we have a large number of machines in our arsenal to ensure that we can cater for a wide array of requirements. We operate four different models of Doosan machines: the DNM 5700, Lynx 220 LYC, GT 2600LM and the 2600SYII. We also use the Haas Mini Mill which is great for small, intricate milled components.

Are you an architect carrying out a project and looking for an engineering company to help you? With our engineering services North East, we can work with you every step of the way. From reviewing the designs and meeting you onsite to composing the components and putting them in place.

We have state of the art machinery in place to help you create the dream. Don’t delay getting your project started any longer, the Ashgarth Engineering team can start the journey with you.

If you are in need of engineering services North East, simply call 01207 655656 or contact us here.

On our website you can find out more about the Ashgarth Engineering journey, how it all started, meet the team and so much more. We’d love for you to be a part of our journey so get in touch today! Take a trip back in time to the early days of our company to where we are now.

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