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It may not seem likely that our engineering services Durham have an impact or can help architectural services, but they can and they play quite a big role. How does architecture line up with engineering? Architects work on designing buildings that will enhance and improve our quality of living or work. They can design the most magnificent buildings by combining structural, electrical, mechanical and lighting systems.

As we provide a wide range of engineering services Durham and across the North East, all of the individual, mechanical components that we make here at Ashgarth Engineering, we can help other professionals complete extraordinary projects. When you are an architect and are designing a state of the art building, you’ll most likely need an early input from an engineer. They will need to talk to you about the parts that are required, the cost and exchange any knowledge they have. It’s better that this conversation is had sooner rather than later so you give yourself enough time to gather the materials, create the components and get the build under way.

The input that an engineer provides you with can be extremely valuable as it will outline the scale of the project and exactly what is required.

Both architects and engineers are integral to the design process and construction of a building or structure. Whether it is a metal warehouse, new build property or a bridge… an architect will need an engineer on hand throughout the process. Most commonly what you find is the architect will focus on the design and aesthetic of the structure, whilst this is key to success and meeting the requirements of the customer the engineer will look at the functionality and how it is actually going to be produced. Plus, you need to know that it is safe!

Your engineer will help you to select the correct materials for the build as well as communicate with the architect through blueprints. Being an engineer, you have to be knowledgeable about all legislations and technical drawings.

Skyscrapers, up until about 100 years ago were made out of wood… not the best material to use for a structure so high! As materials have continued to evolve over the last decade engineers have developed steel beams and steel components that are much stronger and can be used in construction. Steel beams are exactly what architects needed 100 years ago to build taller buildings. Now with these in place, we see so many taller buildings being built not just in the UK but around the world too.

In towns and cities, if you look around there will be at least one high rise building that stands taller above the others. It’s likely that this has steel beams and components throughout it. To create these amazing buildings, architectural designers and engineers work together and they cannot be accomplished with out both parties.

The ideas will initially start with the architect, but the engineer will help these thoughts and visions to become a reality! Starting with the blueprint from the architect, the two will look at what materials they will need to be used for the design to work and be completed.

Are you an architect carrying out a project and looking for an engineering company to help you? With our engineering services Durham, we can work with you every step of the way. From reviewing the designs and meeting you onsite to composing the components and putting them in place.

We have state of the art machinery in place to help you create the dream. Don’t delay getting your project started any longer, the Ashgarth Engineering team can start the journey with you. If you are in need of engineering services Durham or in the North East, simply call 01207 655656 or contact us here.

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