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Engineering Careers

If you are looking to begin a career in engineering in Durham, it is highly possible that you are unsure about what field you would like to enter. There are many avenues you can take in the engineering industry, allowing you to find the one that suits your skills and abilities best and will satisfy your job aspirations. In this blog we will be discussing some of the most popular fields of engineering and perhaps it will help you make a decision for yourself.


Automotive engineering consists of the development of electric and autonomous vehicles. With the landscape of motor vehicles ever changing, automotive engineering is an incredibly exciting field to be a part of. With the introduction and increasing popularity of electric vehicles, it is evident that there is a steady evolution happening in the world of motor vehicles and it is very thrilling.


The biomedical engineering field is dedicated to the development of lifesaving and life-enhancing technologies that are used by medical professionals. Involved in this field is the design of technology and equipment that will help with surgeries/procedures, testing and diagnosis and boosting health.


If you are interested in the development of aircraft and propulsion systems, aerospace engineering may be the perfect industry for you! They focus on the practice and theory of flight to build an aircraft that can perform effectively in many different conditions. Aerospace engineers are responsible for major advancements in aviation that supports our rapid-moving global society.


In a world where technology and software are constantly evolving, software engineering is an industry which is developing at a fast rate. It focuses on the design and modification of complex software systems to support our society. We use software in almost every aspect of our lives, from air travel and transport to communications and banking.

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