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Here at Ashgarth Engineering we are proud to offer subcontracting engineering services to a range of customers and we have five fantastic machines which includes the Haas Mini Mill, Doosan 2600SYII, Doosan GT 2600LM, Doosan Lynx 220 LYC and the Doosan DNM 5700.. We supply precision machine components to a wide range of sectors. The fantastic machinery that we have onsite allows us to produce both a low level of components as well as a high volume of products.  Our fabulous machines quite often use automation and lights where possible. Meaning all our team need to do is supervise the process.

With over 30 years of experience matched with our machinery, we are able to offer each of our clients a high quality product and service every time!

Doosan DNM 5700

We are lucky enough to have two of these fantastic machines, the Doosan DNM 5700. This powerful machine is accurate and equipped with a BT40 direct drive spindle and large working envelope. The envelope measures at 1050mm x 510mm x 570mm.

Doosan Lynx 220 LYC

Productive, reliable and flexible… this machine has it all and that is why it is our go to choice. With the compact high-speed turning centre, this machines chuck is 8 inches in size, this allows the machine to create circular pieces. Coupled with a bar feed system, we have a competitive advantage with our “light out capability”.

This machines capability is 300mm x 510mm long, 8 inch main chuck and a 60mm spindle board.

Doosan GT 2600LM

The Doosan GT 2600 always provides accurate and superior cutting and it has a fantastic process reliability. When we are looking for sharp, clean edges this is the machine to use. With the automatic tool setter, parts catcher, tailstock and the manual guide/ conversational programming system all as standard this machine is brilliant and has a multitude of benefits. The machine capability is 410mm x 100mm long, 10 inch main chuck and a 80mm spindle bore.

Doosan 2600SYII

High spindle speed! This Doosan 2600SYII has powerful cutting capabilities. This machine has been designed specifically heavy and intermittent cutting, accurate production, and high quality, premium surface finishes. With it’s all inclusive “Done in One” capability with live tooling, mill/ turn ability, second spindle and barfeed, the Doosan 2600SYII is very efficient when working on large volumes and components.

This highly efficient Doosan 2600SYII had a capability of 400mm x 760mm long. 10 inch main chuck and a 7 inch sub chuck. It also includes a 80mm spindle bore.

HAAS Mini Mill

What a game changer! This Mini Mill machine changes everything for the better. With a 40-taper performance in a compact package this Mini Mill is loaded with multiple size features, and it provides an economical solution for smaller arts. With a compact footprint this machine really does have the same features as a full size machine. This machine works in conjunction with it’s matching envelope which is 406mm x 305mm x 254mm.

At Ashgarth Engineering, our approach is simple. We take great pride in creating new, innovative products for our clients and their businesses. Professional, bespoke components, precise machinery, high-level quality checks and reliability is at the forefront of everything we do.

You can view all of our recent projects and learn more about us on our website. If you have a question about our services or would like to speak to our team please get in contact with us.

On our website you can also find out about the Ashgarth journey, how it all started, meet the team and so much more. We’d love for you to be a part of our journey so get in touch today!

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